5 Unhealthy Habits Every Girl Loves To Do

Break up with them. NOW.

 If you are guilty of any of these, then you are not alone! Here is a list of what we thought were just harmless habits, but could actually hurt us in the long run. Most women do all of these in one day. And you really have to break these habits and your body will thank you for ditching these everyday health mistakes.

1. Eating When You’re Emotional

Everyone loves food and sometimes, food is just the answer we need when we feel emotional. But by doing this, you could end up overweight or obese.

2. Sleeping Too Much

According to a study  published in the journal Sleep, an increase from seven to eight hours of sleep was connected with lower scores on most cognitive function test.  A long sleep duration is typically defined as more than nine or 10 hours of sleep daily.

3. Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs could give you spider veins and this could be also the cause of your back pain, raised blood pressure, and messes with the nerves in your feet.

4. Carrying Your Bag by the Crook of Your Elbow

Carrying bags—especially oversized ones—on bent elbows can cause you more harm than you think. Because it gives extra strain to your biceps and elbow joint, it could give you shoulder problems, torn muscles and inflamed tendons.

5. Hair Twirling

You know you do this when there’s a cute boy nearby, but did you know that by doing this, it promotes frizzy hair and could also lead to hair loss.


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