Your Guide to Beautiful, Low Maintenance Hair

A beautiful, low maintenance hair will start with the right hair cut- and a perfect guide to achieve it!

Too Short is a NO

We always have this fantasy that super short hair is low maintenance, but NO! It is the opposite. Too short hair requires a lot more styling than a longer ones.

Bangs? That’s still a NO-NO

Bangs may look insouciant because, when styled correctly, they give hair that just rolled out of bed quality, but the reality is that they require frequent trims to keep their shape.

Say no to lots of layers.

“Heavy, choppy layers require more regular cuts, and it’s often hard to make them look good at home without a lot of effort,” says Sarah Potempa, a celebrity stylist for Aussie.

Consider your texture.

Keeping your natural hair texture in mind is probably the most important rite of choosing a new hairstyle. Be honest with your stylist and with yourself—if you’re a true wash-and-go girl who can’t be bothered with styling, let it be known.

Treat it well.
The best place to start is with a good shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner. Even if your hair tends toward the oily, good conditioning habits are important for avoiding breakage and split ends, which is your best bet for avoiding frequent trims.

Plus, skip the heat treatments. It could damage your hair. For shiny, natural-looking waves, separate your hair into two sections and twirl each around your finger as they dry, or wash hair before bed and sleep on a loose braid to wake up with soft texture in the morning. Just finish everything off with a drop of serum and a spritz of light-hold hairspray or styling spray to keep it all in check.

Conceal roots for weeks.

Even when roots become obvious, you don’t need to go for a full-on dye job. If your roots are beginning to show and you want to mask them for a night out, try a spray.

Style while you sleep.

It’s easy: Wash hair before bed, then towel-dry and smooth in a light mousse or gel. Roll hair into two buns (one on either side of your head) and secure with elastics. It will make am amazing, soft waves.





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