Simple Tips On Packing Your Makeup When Traveling

You don’t want them to shatter and mess everything up.

Not all of us girls are brave enough to face the world without our makeups. That’s reality. That’s why no matter how stressful traveling can be, we still make it more stressful by choosing what makeup to bring and how to pack them. But worry no more, here are solid tips on how you should do it.

1. Choose a good makeup bag.

A good makeup bag is extremely important for efficient and stress-free makeup packing. Makeup bag with pockets is a major help to help keep your brushes and various products. Also, Travel vlogger Sonia Gil stressed that makeup bags with plastic interiors are bests to make cleaning up super easy.

2. Wrap up your makeup bag.

Wrapping up your cosmetic bag with a cloth can give it a protective barrier from all other items inside your travel bag to prevent it from breaking.

3. Make a list.

To make sure you do not forget anything, make a list of the things you need to pack. Alle Connell, Senior Editor of XoVain, stated that,

“To make a list of the beauty products you’ll need on your trip, go through your daily facewash/shower/hair/makeup routine in your head and write down everything that you use. I mean everything — brushes, pins, sprays, lotions, the works.”

4. Use multi-purpose products.

A tip on the blog recommended packing as many multi-purpose products as possible in order to streamline the process. They also recommend packing a few extra tubes of lipstick in various colors, since lipstick is super easy to travel with and can help create many different looks.

5. Cushion your compacts.

Do not neglect your powders! Compacts with powders, like eyeshadow or blush, can break into pieces if they have crushed or dropped. Protect these by putting sponges or tissue around them, and do not put them at the bottom of your bag.

6. Reusable travel bottle is a must.

Instead of buying a travel-sized products for liquid products, like favorite shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers— which are really, very expensive– why not make your own version of them. Pour some of your personal huge products into a small plastic bottle for traveling.

7. Use Ziplock bags.

Next time you hit the grocery store, stock up on those quart-sized Ziploc bags, so that you’re not left packing in a hurry and grabbing some rink-a-dink plastic grocery bag that you stuff all your products into. Resealable bags are the rear guard of your army of beauty product protection: If the worst happens and something spills, at least these bags will keep it from getting on any of your clothing.

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