Ten Fabulous Ways To Style Your Bangs

Survive the awkward days of growing them out.

Bangs are now again trending. Well, it never actually lost its fame from Cleopatra to Taylor Swift. It is one of the fastest ways to give you a new look without losing the length of your whole hair. However, bangs can be very irritating, plus sometimes it’s a my-bangs-didn’t-cooperate-today day, that styling it daily could be such a pain. To help you look fabulous with those bangs, here are 10 ways to style it.

 Tuck To The Side

Sweep your bangs to the side with an easy twist plus two tucked-away bobby pins.

Video: Fold Over Bang Twist

Front French Braid

French braid the top front section back and secure with bobby pins.  Poof forward as you pin for volume.

Video: Front French Braid

Simple Waterfall Braid

If you can do a twist — or overlap two sections of hair — you can do a waterfall braid.

Tutorial: How To Do A Twist Braid

Lock Strands In Place With A Headband

For those who have short locks: blow-dry straight, sweep to the side, then lock strands in place with a headband.

Tutorial: A Pretty, Sparkly Pixie

Twist and Tuck Using an Elastic Headband

The popular look. Tuck your hair into a headband from the top down by gently swagging the hair back towards the ears and then tucking down inside.

Tutorial: Headband Tuck

Tease and Push Toward the Crown

Tease a section of hair from temple to temple and then pushing it against where you normally part your hair to increase lift.

Or Do it On A Smaller Section of Hair

Tutorial: Bump Up


Pair a Center Part With Two Twist

Tutorial: Twist Out

Curl Away

Tutorial: Curl Away

Tiered Ponytail

The easiest and best way to keep your hair out of your face.

Tutorial: Tiered Ponytail


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