How To Travel And Still Save Money

Every centavo counts.

Isn’t it exciting to travel and still have money after the vacation? Traveling is one of our dream come trues, but saving money is our priority. So, here are lists of how you can still save money while enjoying a great vacation.

1. Do a Research

I mean, book cheap flights. Traveling requires money, but with enough diligent research, booking a flight doesn’t have to hurt that bad. If you’re resourceful enough, you’ll be able to find deals and discounts that can help you travel even when you’re not spending serious money.

2. Consider a House Exchange

Swap houses for a fraction of a hotel stay via very similarly named services.

3. Make a List of All the FREE Things You Can Do

This one’s fairly obvious, but you’d be surprised by how much people value convenience that they just book packages to all the basic tourist destinations without even considering exploring new spaces on their own first.

4. Do Not Be a Picky Eater

EAT. STREET. FOOD. You can’t imagine how much money you save by filling your stomach with local street food.

5. Save Transportation Fees

WALK. Do not be lazy. Walking, instead of riding a cab, is more fun because you appreciate the views, the locals, and all. Plus, you will save money.

6. Visit Off-Seasons

The off-season and shoulder season offer significant discounts. If you don’t want to overpay for travel, book a flight when it isn’t peak season and spare yourself the headache.

7. Have a Plan Before Leaving the House

Spontaneity is great. but being prepared is always better. Look at a map—ANY map—and check out all the spots you want to see to get a feel for the area before you attempt to explore. Not only will you avoid wasting a lot of time, but you’ll also save a lot of money (on gas).


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