5 Universal Nail Polish Colors Every Woman at Any Age Can Wear

The best hues of all time.

We have wasted too much of our precious time at the nail salon staring at ton of nail polish hues. Painting your nails must be therapeutic, and just by choosing what color to paint is too much stress. So, to make things easy for you, here are 5 universally flattering hues whether you have a fair skin tone or a dazzling tan.

Pastel Pink

Although the color white screams fresh, white nails aren’t for everyone. Instead, opt for pastel pink nails as an alternative. It looks just as soft and dainty as the color white, but it gives an illusion of bigger nail beds, too!

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a trendy color and whether you are girly girl or not, it is too pretty. This color is perfect for any skin tone as well.


The plum color is fun and trendy. This cool, yet subtly vibrant color complements every skin tone and can add an instant dose of edgy cool, too.


A nude shade will always give an understated chic look. Beige can make your nail look elegant and the skin tone shade can also make your nails look longer.


Just like the red lip, every girl has a go-to red shade for her nails. Find your perfect red and you’ve got yourself a pick-me-upper for days when you need a quick confidence boost.

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